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Salut à tous! And a great félicitations to Switzerland! (Fact of the day: “Hop Suisse/Hop Schweiz” is how the Swiss cheer on their athletes.)

In what is probably the greatest recent upset in World Cup history (no doubt of this year), little ol’ Switzerland beat Spain 1-0 in the very first round (group? what?)! Surprising indeed, given that everyone anticipated Spain – the reigning European champions and second best football team in the word according to FIFA – to finally take home the trophy.

Switzerland beat the big favorite Spain with only one goal for a slim win. (Photo courtesy of 24heures.ch)

Ah those Swiss, always the unassuming exceptionalists. Alas, blame the time difference, the comforting allure of my bed or just plain morning-sloth tendencies, but I didn’t catch the game only to learn via the excited facebook status updates of my friends in Lausanne that I severely missed out. Good thing the New York Times gave a pretty thorough recap. We’ll have to see if they can continue the spark in the next round. Updates to follow as the competition ensues.