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The Facts About Bottled Water

Yesterday’s snowboarding trip to Verbier was amazing and at times tiring. But what bothered me the most? A tiny bottle of water (think 2 dL) at the lift lodge for 5 francs! Since I was thoroughly dehydrated and without other options – other than drinking from the bathroom sink while others look on in disgust – I begrudgingly handed the cashier a 5-franc coin while kicking myself for leaving my own full Klean Kanteen back at my friend’s chalet.

Then, today I stumbled upon this little kick in the shin. I knew bottled water is terribly un-green and a waste of resources, but that hasn’t stopped me in the past from consuming flats of bottled water every month back home. This thorough infographic via Online Education is a humbling reminder to find a better alternative (aka TAP WATER!). I’m happy to drink the tasty stuff that comes out of Swiss faucets, but unfortunately the tap back in sunny Southern California has never been my cup of tea (although I do use it to make all my cups of tea). Will I have to get over it and stop being a big baby??

Sure looks that way when you see how devastating of an effect bottled water has on the environment and the sheer amount of un-biodegradable volume it contributes to landfills. As much as I know drinking tap is significantly better on several counts, this is one post-travel goal I’m not looking forward to. I know I know, blame my picky palate of water…of all things to be picky about, right? Still, at least it’s another way to save money AND the beautiful environment, so I’ll just have to muster up all my will to not cave in and buy that flat of 24 bottles of water on my next trip to Ralph’s. Yes, even if it’s on sale for $2 with a Ralph’s card.