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One Reason I Love: Flying

It’s the window seat. No. More specifically, the views from your window seat.

View minutes before arriving at Oakland Airport for the first time.

The views afforded to patrons in the window seat as the plane rises from the earth are a much-welcomed different angle of a place you’ve already seen so much of. Even better are the aerial sights of a place you’ve never been. The oblong window of your plane is a peephole offering a perspective of your destination unknown anywhere else, save for the few moments before the plane’s wheels hit the tarmac. Keep reading…


Warm Sunday Morning

The blinds can shield me from the sun’s rays, but I don’t let them. Shades of the softest yellow flood the room, emanating from the ambient glow off the covered glass door. Between the off-white plastic slats, sun beams fawn my face until my chest is full of warmth.

In a quiet trance, I’ve wandered outside just past the door, pulled by the encompassing warmth. Seated on a park bench under the ancient avocado tree, my gaze falls on the mini grove of clovers that, thanks to a few days of immense downpour, has thoroughly invaded the lawn. My pupils dilate as I cease to focus them, and the minute edges and details meld together. The tiny but broad leaves leaves of the clover catch the sun, holding it in its grasp. I stare into the infinite green before me and try to memorize the intensity.

Suddenly, the warmth fills my chest again, though this time I realize it’s the sun’s UV rays upon my skin, conjuring up the melanin through the underlayers of my flesh.

One more deep breath. Take in all you can from every sensory receptor on your body. Taste even the grass wafting in your breath. The world moves slowly – deliberate, but easy.