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First! on the Laguna Surf

A couple of weeks ago, I got a chance to try my luck at surfing, thanks to Oakley and my gig at LAmag.com! Read more about it here. While I feel lucky to consider that “work,” it was a wonderful opportunity to get a taste of a neighboring coastal town that usually never warranted more than a drive-by along picturesque Pacific Coast Highway. As it turns out, Laguna Beach and the nearby Doheny State Beach in Dana Point were the perfect settings for a string of firsts.

Photograph courtesy of Gary Copeland

With nothing but the sound of crashing waves before us and the soft earth below us, a bout of early morning yoga lifted my spirits and prepared me for a day in the water. Numerous sun salutations (how else would the sun come out?), warriors I, II and III, and balancing poses galore gave me energy and confidence for the day ahead. Having done yoga on my own for the past couple years, it was so refreshing and encouraging to be in a class again. I even did my first yoga head stand!

Photograph courtesy of Jason Merritt/Wireimage

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Exciting and the not-so-exciting

Exciting: 2010. Returning home feeling like I’m starting anew.

Not-so-exciting: Oh. Em. Gee. I’m unemployed.

Exciting: But endless possibilities are ahead. Many, many unrelated but equally enticing roads lay before me. I can literally try anything.

Not-so-exciting: Crap. I’m terrible at being self-motivated. I guess I could work on it…

Exciting: Being back on campus and on familiar ground.

Not-so-exciting: Being back on campus and on familiar ground. How can I be both invigorated yet so over it?

Exciting: (NERD Alert!) Realizing that my classes teach overlapping concepts. You know, like when one topic in one class is directly related to a topic in a completely different and unrelated class. Score! Along the same vein, it’s awesome to know that work and research I did last semester can count towards a class this semester. Double score!

Exciting: A possible new volunteer project. Regarding French. AND helping out the CA parks system. Awesome!

Exciting: Spring Break soon!

Not-so-exciting: Wait don’t I have wayyy too many midterms to complete before said spring break?

Exciting: The anticipation of an Amazon.com delivery, which most likely shall lead to a post reviewing these products. Keep your eyes open.

Exciting: Alice in Wonderland comes out in 3D IMAX this weekend!!!!!

As you can see the exciting still outweighs the not-so-much, and that itself is even more to be happy about. With so much on my plate, it’s reassuring to know there’s still so much to look forward to.

What you can look forward to on Where is Ashley?:

  • Reviews on products and restaurants, such as the recently re-opened Sushi Studio, a locals dive and one of my old personal faves. Does it still live up to my starry-eyed college dreams? 😉
  • Rediscovering Long Beach series
  • More projects?!??!?!? Who knows!