Missing in Action

My notebook is upset with me. It gazes at me with excitement whenever I pick it up to jot down a note, a story idea, a reminder. I’ve filled it with pages of my whereabouts since July. It keeps within its water-stained covers a breadth of summer memories, thoughts and a voice ready to speak to whomever cares to listen — which explains its recent grudge against me.

I can’t blame it. Notes I’ve scribbled to share on Where is Ashley? have remained ignored. Within my notebook’s pages rests details of fateful thunderstorms, conflicted shuttle drivers, quiet beaches and correspondence with a well-known soccer player. Thus here are what to look forward to (given to the world as a way to keep me accountable):

  • A recap of a trip to Washington, D.C. Baltimore, MD
  • Notes on an airport shuttle driver
  • What a call from Puerto Rico had to do with soccer and Whole Foods
  • Sharing your city with company
  • One year anniversary: Lausanne
  • possible notes on Las Vegas
  • and hopefully a post about my upcoming trip to Toronto!

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